Why My Blog Entries Will Have Some Grammatical/Formatting Errors

Thanks for the correspondence from one reader who brought my attention to a misspelled word. I’m glad to see the readers of wordpress are conscientious about their blogs. I was an English minor, and if someone had told me over the years that I would someday send something to publication with errors or run-on sentences, I would have not believed them.

Unfortunately, there’s a little thing that gets in the way these days of my launching a blog. It’s called everyday real life. Currently, between my vocational commitments and my trying to prepare for graduate school, I only get about three hours of sleep a night. While composing, “The Longleat Light,” I literally fell asleep three to four times while keying the words. I can only steal a few minutes at the end of the day, or week, to type up a few comments. So, yes, my original entry about Longleat had not only grammatical errors, but it also had informational errors that I went back and corrected.

Furthermore, I currently only have the option of composing a blog piece on my phone. Typically, I have always typed up thoughts in a text editor on my phone and then copied them over to wherever I was going to send them from. Of course, this practice accounts for the bad formatting in my blogs to date, so this is a practice I will change. Additionally, the software on my phone will often change an intended word to another one, which means I have to make a lot of changes that way. More certainly, I do take the blame for numerous typing errors. My fumble fingers aren’t the best when it comes to the virtual keyboard of a smart phone.

Lastly, I am writing these blogs retroactively. I am reporting about things that I have mentally journaled over several years. Sometimes, I have to stop and think in order to recall if I need to add or change something for the sake of accuracy. Admittedly, putting flawed drafts out in an original form is not an ideal practice or one that I prefer. However, I finally came to the realization that if I don’t blog while on the run, then these thoughts of mine will never be recorded at all. My blog is not meant to be pretentious. It is meant to get across concepts that, when possible, are weighed against real life experience of my own. Unfortunately, I am often times implying that, at face value, life does not always conform to our expectations in the daily mundanity of life. But, for those of us who have an interest in the hard sciences, we know that at much smaller scales, and much larger scales, life and existence become so impressive that the real magic of the universe is carried on in physical, chemical, and biological operation. The universe is truly an amazing place.

Again, I welcome and appreciate anyone’s comments who make me aware of an error. I will correct the error at first opportunity. I will just have to ask any potential readers to please bear with me. My aim is to get the thoughts and information across in a systematic way. I am not trying to win any awards. The available free time that I have can’t be devoted to grammar. There is a much bigger picture at play for writing the words that I do.

Thanks so much for your kind patience.




4 thoughts on “Why My Blog Entries Will Have Some Grammatical/Formatting Errors

  1. We all do it because life gets in the way and autocorrect hates us, so no worries!

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    1. LOL Life definitely gets in the way. At the time I posted this entry, I was still pulling seventy hour work weeks. That sort of made it hard to put together a good product. I think in order to be able to get any work done, I have to work sloppily, anyway. LOL πŸ˜€ Thanks for your forgiveness. The more time I have, the more reader friendly I can make things. Of course, the way I clumsily write, I doubt there’s any possible way to make my ponderings reader friendly. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by! Your poetry is AWESOME! πŸ™‚

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      1. I completely understand, I am a spontaneous writer that has to write down the words as soon as they pop in my head or I’ll lose them, which gets messy but it happens so fast that I miss or overlook errors. Meh, I am not even close to mastering this writing gig and am just stumbling along in my own world lol I try to not get caught up in reader friendly thinking but just write raw and post because that’s really why I started this site, to write the words consuming me and spill the secrets killing me. I really appreciate your kindness and compliment so very much xoxo

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      2. There’s something to be said for spontaneity! That’s when the inspiration really strikes, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚ I’m the same way. Usually, if I have an idea, I know I need to write it down then and there. Otherwise, I may lose the thought forever (although the world probably prefers that I do a whole lot more forgetting) LOL πŸ™‚ You are what it’s all about. Absolutely, you bypass the presentation points and focus solely on communicating what’s inside of you. And, I know you have worded your emotions honestly in your comments above with your two chosen keywords. That’s why your poetry leaves such an impression. It’s straight from the heart. You have such a powerful and meaningful story to tell, so I hope there is a progressive healing that goes along with sharing it. But, I also can’t help but think that in your courage, you will help so many other people along the way who have also suffered unnecessarily. I know my blog content is not quite geared the same way, but there is not as much disparity between ours as what may appear at the surface. I’ve learned to appreciate the human side of the discussion I am engaging, and somehow, I hope there’s an aspect that addresses people where they are, whether it’s grieving a loss, trying to maintain faith, think about our existence in a more meaningful way, etc. I do love science and trying to understand how things are put together, but what does that all mean if that love doesn’t help someone at some point? And, that’s why we need poets. They can write for and speak to the heart, and not just the mind. Keep being you with your pen.

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