Me and My Mischievous Grin

images (10)Photo of Harry Price, a ghost hunter from the past.


I couldn’t help but break out in my oft present mischievous grin when I noticed the following.


Currently on wordpress, my blog posting about my not being a ghost hunter, is buttressed underneath a posting about a movie concerning Harry Price. In a jocular way, I have always referred to Mr. Price as one of my rivals.

History will regard him with mixed emotions. Praise has been sent in his direction from even some hardened skeptics about his work in exposing spiritualistic fraud. However, Mr. Price had another side, and he knew the ropes of showmanship as well as anyone. Some historical biographies treat him kindly. I guess the last couple have been more harsh on Mr. Price. In 2006 Richard Morris wrote that Harry Price was a,

“supreme bluffer, a hedonistic con man, a terrific raconteur, a great conjuror, a gifted writer and a wonderful eccentric.”

It is this appraisal of Mr. Morris’ that I have always weighed against Mr. Price’s exploits in exposing fraud himself.

But, the main reason I have held contention with Harry Price’s place in history has to do more with some of his commentary on ghostly investigations. He cannot be regarded in the same light as a Harry Houdini or Milbourne Christopher when it comes to overall quality of investigative opinion or integrity. His work with the Borley Rectory is not that from which I ever based any of my own learning about the hands on research of investigating in the field. In the bigger picture of things, I think Mr. Price was best at playing both sides of the issue of ghosts for the betterment of his own standing.

Anyway, I’m yet again given a laugh at how life always keeps me humble. After all these years of my trying to bear a torch for truth and light on the matter of ghosts, Mr. Price still comes out on top of this bulldoggish chap that the world need never hear from. I can’t help but tip my hat to Mr. Price and salute him once more from the orchestra from where I have watched paranormal history unfold. And, I do mean my best grin; one that would be my best Captain Jack Sparrow grin.

I’ll be off now to go and try to pen another serious piece about ghosts. It will be nice to write it while still wearing the salutory recognition that Mr. Price still has me bested. It’s all part of the fun side of the competition over bringing to bear what is real and what is not in the world of ghosts.

I’ve been topped once again. But, in the real category, I hope I can legitimately place, “me.”

In the not so real category, I will playfully and in jest give Mr. Price that designation of the, “not.”

Truly fun stuff.


(And, thanks for letting me be grammatically loose with the title of this blog entry. When doing battle over ideas of truth with showmen, it’s always better to be a little less polished with the grammar. πŸ™‚ )




10 thoughts on “Me and My Mischievous Grin

  1. Blaine, an excellent , fascinating piece of writing- quite exceptional!


    1. Wow, Lance. To receive a scrivener’s approval by someone of your caliber totally amazes me. I promise I will keep my wits about me and keep perspective. πŸ™‚ I’ll remind myself that sometimes the greats pat us pupils on the back so we work to keep improving and NOT because we have arrived. πŸ™‚ I have noticed how gracious you are with your time and comments by encouraging those of us who find inspiration in your poetry. For someone of your ability to make the effort to pass along exhortation is incredibly noble and I really do appreciate having been on the receiving end of a gesture by such a gifted poet.

      Just so you know, I do have an interest in poetry. A few days ago I posted on another poet’s blog about how I share a certain sentiment with C.S. Lewis. T.S. Eliot helped to usher in that form of poetry to which I was not accustomed when I first took a liking to poetry. The poetry to which my heart responded more was pre-T.S. Eliot, then going back to the Renaissance and before. But, when I call attention to this observation, I mean only to heighten this attention by the fact that when someone writes in contemporary form, I can appreciate it all the more because I can’t write in its emulation. Those of you who can write in this form honor its worded architecture amazingly. And, Lance, you set the bar as high as it can go. Your ability leaves me taking notes, whether considering form, word selection, mood, depth, etc.

      I wrote a small book of poetry that included a part mixture of telling screenplay style stories in poetic form. By intent, I tried to throw in every convention I could think of. I even mixed past tense with present tense in order to differentiate between self-reflection and present action. Since I had no option of putting the stories to print but by that of the hand of the vanity press, I had no pressure, and I enjoyed the total freedom. Of course, I had to include my Thees and Thous. What became funny later, however, is that I came to the self-realization that my experiment was not so impressive. It turns out, I am tense challenged no matter what. LOL πŸ™‚ The problem stems from my conversational style. It creeps into my writing a lot and I am always having to go back and check for tense consistency. I’ll always get it wrong. LOL πŸ™‚

      And, thank you for seeing this blog piece as not just a poke at lighthearted history, but also as a piece of writing. My personally written and typed trail will reveal comment after comment about my appreciation for writing. What I hope I have never written, though, is that I am a writer. I am not, and I have tried to remain totally cognizant in watching my words so I extol the craft of writing without seeming to indicate that I have any merit for engaging in it.

      The point of this blog is not to ever be mean spirited. It may be critical, but only in the truest definition of the word by wrestling with logic and the place that delusion has in our world. The point is never to sound insulting just for the sake of needling points or persons. I meant no personal malice towards Harry Price, especially since he is departed and is not present to be able to defend himself. But, the blog does exist for a specific reason. Even if no one agrees with me, I am simply making the point that in my own personal search for sincere answers, I can’t accept propositions as truth when I know they are fallacious in constitution. No, my endeavor is to go a step farther. Give me a chance to try and find non-fallacial answers that may add something to the whole discussion.

      It’s funny how the critical thinking game can go both ways. Today I was turned down for a job that I spent the last two weeks thinking would be entrusted to me. Perhaps the withheld offer was as simple as my not fitting the sought after credentials. But, there is that possibility, as well, that my work history of the past couple of years calls into question my commitment to laying roots at a job and sticking around for a while. If the latter holds true, it’s not a lack of integrity as the root cause, but rather a commitment to it. When it comes to jobs, I usually fall into a bifurcated mindset. Firstly, if there comes reason to assess the human dynamic, and if there are any breakdowns around me, I don’t mind considering self-removal if indications are that would better the team by allowing it a fresh start. Secondly, I become extremely bored if I am under utilized, especially when in the back of my mind I am always working towards my ultimate goal (which is to gain the best scientific understanding of life as I can know it as an individual). Based on these observations, I’m sure employers would welcome Harry Price’s returning as a ghost so he can haggle me over my integrity as a possible candidate for hire. πŸ™‚

      As far as the future of this blog, Lance, there is that part of me that still hopes it has one. In regard to evaluating the paranormal in light of science, I will continue to keep a dedicated ear to that fight as I posted in recent days. As long as I am able to cognitively think, I can continue to push in that direction in absence of a blog or anything else. But, since life has had a way of littering my path with premature goodbyes, who knows, this blog may not have much life left to live. I originally began my planning with a script of about twelve entries, and if I remember my opening comments correctly, maybe I allowed myself the option of many more sequential entries. Needless to say, I understand that the blog may, more than anything, be a goodbye letter to a part of my life that I never even knew would exist. I used to consider the term, “ghost,” to be the equivalent of offensive execration. As life would have it, over the long run, ghosts wound up giving me an honorary grandmother, as well as an honorary family that is blessed with the most incredible senses of humor I’ve ever encountered. I chose to follow a ghost down the road less traveled, so I guess I have a ghost to thank for teaching me about the things that are really important in life.

      Thanks again, so very much, for stopping by, Lance. It’s been an honor to be able to take part in your wordpress world.


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      1. Blaine, we are all pupils, just at different levels, for one must continually learn. And, you’re very welcome. You have my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for your kind words. Thank you. *TS Eliot and so many other greats have influenced me. I’m very honored by your considerations of my poetry.
        My pleasure- someday I’ll publish, but will stay far from vanity presses. Important to build a following first, plus getting published in journals.
        You are indeed welcome- always refreshing to see new talent emerging!
        It may be a cliche, but when one door closes, another opens- I wish you much luck!
        And, much luck with your writing and blog.
        I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share so much of thoughts; and for your many, many visits to my site!


  2. So wisely stated. At whatever our level of growth, we are to work at and seek out furthered maturity. And, you have given me a new way of looking at the contemporary style. And, I’ll have to go back and look over Eliot’s work with new eyes.

    I remember back when I was reading what it takes to get published. It was then that my conviction was reinforced that I am NOT a writer. LOL πŸ™‚ I raised the white flag and sent in my manuscript where it WOULD be published because, well, those stories HAD to be told. πŸ™‚ I’m plenty more content reading the works of the professionals. So, it’s been being the highlight of my evenings to catch up on your poems.

    And, yes, I’m sure somewhere out there is an employer who is specifically looking for an overly ambitious, under talented hiree who blogs about magicians and spectres. πŸ™‚ How could any employer not want that person in their ranks? LOL πŸ™‚

    Have a great night!!


  3. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned, but, my brother is a ghost hunter. Which is one of the reasons I’m always keeping tabs on your blog. I love the stuff and find it completely fascinating..all of it.


    1. I didn’t know that, Matt. If I ever run across you or your brother in public, I’ll expect to get punched. LOL πŸ™‚ But, no, it’s always a thrill for you to stop by! I haven’t even taken the time to let you know that I have an interest in poetry. I’m amazed by your gift. I’ve told other poets here on wordpress that I just don’t know how to write in contemporary form. You’re teaching me how it’s done. I’m learning. And, you’re right, there are so many facets to the discussion over ghost hunting. I enjoy all of them, as well. Of course, a couple of my most favorite are the investigative side and the philosophical. I appreciate you giving me a break on my approach. I’m not meaning to sound like I am writing to be an agitator. For me, I just want honest answers, and if I know a piece of produced evidence fails muster, then I’m not content to accept it as proof. I’ve tried to be honest about my own predilections, but at the same time, I am intent on letting the evidence decide the debate. That’s why I included my Christmas post. I was simply keeping my word by posting that story, because I had promised I would report if I ever ran across anything that left me scratching my head. It was only fair that I posted that for believers. But, everyone does have my promise. I’ll try and seek out the best methods, eliminate assumption, and let the strength of evidence settle the matter. Of course, some of the skeptics who have been my mentors may feel that I have adopted too soft of a stance. But, that’s why I work rigorously for a better understanding of methodology and philosophy of science. How do we get our investigation methods most refined so they keep us on the right path?

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      1. Lol expect to be punched. My God lol. If you knew how accurate that was due to our childhood …. we grew up in a β€œfighting” town. Spent time in jail actually. Oddly enough I know a somewhat famous ghost hunter (not my brother) and she’s constantly in the defense. I’ve seen her in action. She knows and sees things. I can’t explain even why I’m lucky enough to receive a few words, I can’t imagine what people who actually see ghosts go thru.


      2. LOL LOL You gave me fair warning! Now, I definitely know to expect it. LOL πŸ™‚ Sounds like you guys are better prepared than I am. LOL You’ve got good practice. I am fierce when I’m talking about my guys Tyson and Marciano. But, when it comes to getting me in the ring, ya don’t have anything to worry about. I have more than a glass jaw. I’m pretty much glass all over. LOL πŸ™‚ And, oh no, I’ll go ahead and assume that your friend who is a ghost hunter will hit me, too. πŸ™‚ Sounds like she would call herself, “sensitive,” if she wouldn’t all out declare herself as being psychic. I would probably know who she is. The human brain is an amazing machine. As neuroscience continues to make breakthroughs, it will be fascinating to learn what more revelation comes of the brain. I’m just thankful that you do receive the words that you do so the rest of us can benefit by reading them. And, yes, you make a really intriguing point. Regardless of whether one believes a person has a psi ability, or if whether ghosts exist to be seen or communicated with, in what time I have spent out in the field, it’s always enlightening to meet a person where these matters are a part of their everyday. If we sit next to each other, you have two totally different ways of going about the world. I came to appreciate the wonderful dichotomy. It wakes me up to the marvel of how we are all put together differently.


      3. lol no worried, I’ve happily developed from those early days. I’m sure we would have a blast if ever we connect. Who knows right. She may call her self a sensitive…trying to remember and coming up empty. She’s been on television a number of times..a very nice lady. I’m friends with her daughter, and through her, met her mother. She runs ‘Gone Paranormal.’ -You can find her on FB if interested. ..and I completely agree about the human brain. Here’s to you hopefully having a good Monday!


      4. G’morning, Matt!,
        That’s great news for me! LOL πŸ™‚ I’m hoping readers look at the comments sections. I actually have a sense of humor and am not that hard to get along with. If they stop at my posts though, then I’m gonna have to worry about a whole lot of people punching me in the near future. LOL πŸ™‚ There’s no doubt! If our paths ever cross, I promise we will get in some laughs. πŸ™‚ I’m sure in my readings/watchings I’ve run across your friend at some point. Back when I had more time, I made it a point to try and familiarize myself with everything out there so I got a good cross-section of all opinions. Even with extra time, there’s a lot of information out there, so I may still have missed her. I’ll check out Gone and see what they have to say! And, a great Monday to you, as well! I’ve always thought New England is such a gorgeous place. I always wanted to visit during the Fall and see some sites, as well as the countryside as the leaves are in change. I have a friend up there who does a monthly poetry show where local poets have open mic opportunities. I always thought it would be fun to take in one of those shows. The schedule never has allowed for the trip at this point. At least I have something to keep aiming for. πŸ˜‰


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