Return as Ghost Ship


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While I’m working on my next projects, I thought I would send out a brief tribute to those of you who have inspired me with your poetry. You’ve all given me an even greater appreciation for the poem because of the levels you’ve all reached with your song. Here, I’m again pulling from a twelve year old pile of my own experimental poems.

At this point I’ll sign off and allow an old pirate to take over oration. Or, will I? I’m pretty convinced the narrating pirate and I are one in the same. 😉




“Return as Ghost Ship”

No longer clapped of irons, wrists and ankles freed their locks,

Standing here on my deck, this ship, that will ne’er again to dock,

The clouds and mist lying low, to bid me end’s adieu,

Though fog makes tunnel ahead of bow, its now as I see through,

I stand silently by the wheel, arms resigned to humbly hang,

No single crewman with me, their none banter nor their slang,

‘Tis all but quiet, as my ship sails self its straight ahead,

As fog before keeps to clear, its banks behind which to its spread,

I then see, my last and faithful friend,

That in the distance waits, last welcome, for this finale’s end,

It dispels of some the sadness, that tinge of familiar grace,

Sails now windless and folded, ship’s slowed, and now its unfed pace,

So to my oldest friend, to the clearing horizon I now to say,

This spent and ended pirate is death’s now, no time now to more delay,

Bowed is now my head, to take in every scent and sea its salty drip,

To the Locker now I go,

To return one foggy night,


As but birthed a mighty ghost ship.



2 thoughts on “Return as Ghost Ship

  1. You write poetry too?! WOW!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I think the poets and readers on wordpress would probably agree to say that my poetry proves I need to keep my day job. 😃 LOL

      So thrilled and honored you stopped by! Hope you are doing well!


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