The Ides of March Less Nine


Photo courtesy of Stacey Humphreys and Jimmy Smith.

As reported in one of my earlier blogs, March 6, 2020 was one of the most hallmarking days of my life. It was a night when a home of grandeur in my eyes was featured on the Travel Channel in an episode of, “Haunting in the Heartland.” More significantly, it was a night when I got to view the episode with my friends who own the home. Getting to be with them was the most rewarding component of the entire evening, and it was without doubt one of the very grandest nights of my life. Just as with another haunted property I got to make a part of my life, it has been the people who have owned these homes and given them identities that have imparted to me the most reward when speaking of the trek of ghost chasing. My life has been made so much better by knowing these individuals. And, as mentioned beforehand, the evening was my chance to revisit a hallway of mystery that Steve Shippy prominently mentioned in his airing on the Travel Channel.

It is safe to say that as I erred on the side of defeatism in my earlier forecasts, Beulah, the resident ghost of the hallway of Linden Hill and its adjoining architecture, won the March 6th showdown. Beulah has the upper hand in all things contested. If she makes herself known, she wins by confounding the mind of her mortal challenger. And, if she doesn’t make herself known, she wins by leaving the open-ended question as to when she might make a return appearance someday? Unfortunately, for my yearning eyes, she opted not to reveal herself on March 6th by leaving another boggling remnant of an account associated with a hallway of questions. However, I think Beulah did leave her imprint on the evening by winning more than just a cowboy style confrontation in a narrow corridor. She also won the night by having her story told, and it’s because of my belief in the power of story that I am more than happy to concede the victory to Beulah.

Yes, there are many different dimensions to consider when hosting a discussion about ghosts. The role of story is one, and investigation is another. The date of March 6th was meant to be Beulah’s night, and I am glad that it was. My emphasis on investigation and evidence took a backseat to the more dominating feature of the evening. Instead, a ghost had its stage expanded to that of a worldwide platform. Whether talking about Yellow Fever victims, or about the plight of a daughter who suffered from mental illness, the ghost of, Beulah, came to be the spokesperson of that piece of the netherworldly realm hosted by the house of Linden Hill.

The storytelling, at its core, became much bigger than my affinity for pressuring a ghost to avail itself, if it so exists. My aspirations became secondary in their projection upon the evening. Instead, the story itself became free of the walls of Linden Hill and was shared with the cosmos. After getting to know the home’s current owners and the granddaughters who once lived in the home, Linden Hill is not, in its entirety, a dark tale. Although lightless aspects of the story do certainly exist, I state my conclusions based on two factors. For one, the current owners have done such an amazing and noble job of turning Linden Hill into a place of goodwill, in defiance of some of the more morbid points connected with its lore. And, two, I had a lovely conversation with one of the family line’s granddaughters. She made reference to the fact that the home had been a place of refuge and love for her and her sisters. The presence of a ghost merely added to the specialness of the family bond.

Therefore, I can find a way to be grateful that I have gone yet another evening without seeing a ghost. A fellow must know when to bow gracefully in repose. If selfishness enters the picture from any angle, the beauty of the discussion about ghosts becomes tarnished. Beulah’s night was much more important than my own. A rendezvous in the hallway of intrigue is now forced to be pushed back in rescheduling, if ever even reintroduced at all.

But, as is prevalently often in the case of ghosts, deference may be necessary. Where failure is encountered today, there is the ever persistent placing of faith in the hopes of tomorrow. I believe I can attest to that of which I speak. Last Friday evening, while at the home of Linden Hill, and while sitting in loss to giving Beulah the chance to reveal herself to me in her well-walked hallway, something unexpected happened. I was asked if I would like to try the house around the corner? It is said to have a ghost, too, and it is reported to have somewhat of a nasty attitude. But, unlike Beulah, its story has not been told. Needless to say, I accepted the invitation, and a showdown, minus a hallway, has again begun.

As I sit and type these words, I just heard a noise….

I am now at the house around the corner.


11 thoughts on “The Ides of March Less Nine

  1. Blaine, the quintessential site for the paranormal- each post an exhilarating read taking one into the depths of the unknown!

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    1. LOL You just made my morning with those words, Lance. Nice to make the grin I’ve been wearing all weekend stretch on a little longer. Sorry, for the delayed response. I was in the middle of sleuthing at a haunted historical home when you wrote. I’ve been awake over 24 hours now, so I’m gonna go take a nap. šŸ˜€ Have a great one!

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      1. Blaine, Iā€™m glad to have done so. No problem about your response time- Iā€™m always very grateful for your feedback and support. I hope you were able to uncover signs of ghosts at the haunted home. Thanks, have a great one as well, my friend!

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      2. Ya know, the great thing about this venture is that finding nothing can be as exhilarating as finding something. The house had its own personality thanks to the effect added by elevated winds. The property has been reported to have poltergeist activity. There were numerous sounds throughout the night. Both ends of the structure had intermittent noise. But, as the night went on, I found the explanations. To me, that is a result that is also fun. These excursions are all about getting answers, whatever they may be. Last night was a good case study. You had almost movie style effects added by the wind. The power of suggestion is at play because of the stories told about the home. And, then, going into the property and setting up, there are noises. You have to take all of that in stride and focus in on objective measure. It’s really an awesome enterprise. I absolutely love the chess match.


      3. Just the word poltergeist sends shivers up and down my spine. Thank you sincerely, Blaine, for such a detailed account of your investigations in the haunted house. Perhaps a book is in order, a guide if you will to aid others in their ghostly quests of the truth. There are countless dwellings out there with myths just waiting to be proven or dispelled! I wish you the best in all your endeavors.

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      4. Yes, the descriptions of this property include a ghost that likes to throw things and show a mean side. I think it would be such a fun book to write about stories from the field. But, the few who are really accomplished in the feat have thankfully put out some good publications already. They are much more qualified than am I to speak to protocol. But, I’m glad I don’t have to be hailed an expert to go and take a look. Early Monday morning was a thrilling way to go out into the world and turn it into a science lab.

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      5. Blaine, that is a redeeming quality, to be at least allowed to venture into unholy domains… with a scientific viewpoint!

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      6. Funny that you mention that. I got another reminder today that I’m always walking the road of life as a solitary sojourner. šŸ˜€ And, in the middle of the morning while exploring the Govan-Herr house, it came to my mind that treading into unholy domains with an inquiring mind is where I thrive. šŸ˜€ Answers are there. We just have to go find out what they are.

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      7. One will always find answers if we delve deep enough. Good hunting!

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      8. That’s the trick. We just have to delve.

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